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Green IT goes mainstream: What about data storage environments?

There still exists a Green IT gap and missed oppourtunities.

Green IT (and storage) are about enabling more efficient and effective information services delivery boosting productivity while supporting growth, or if you prefer, about sustaining business and economic growth in the same or smaller footprint impact in a cost effective, service friendly manner.

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Tape talk time

For being a declared dead or zombie technology (here, here or here) tape remains very much alive however its role is changing. There is no disputing that hard disk drives (HDDs) are continuing to expand their role for data protection including backup/restore, BC and DR where tape has been used for decades. What is also […]

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Using Removable Hard Disk Drives (RHDDs)

Removable hard disk drives (RHDD) are a form of removable media which includes magnetic tape that address many common use cases. Usage scenarios include enabling bulk data portability for larger environments or for D2D backup where the media needs to be physically moved offsite for small and mid sized environments. RHDDs include among others those […]

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