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The as-a-Service Datacenter, a new industrial model

It is said that cloud computing is improving business agility because of the ability to rapidly and inexpensively provision technological infrastructure resources on a pay-per-use basis. So customers are urged not to buy and own hardware and software for themselves but instead they should make use of cloud computing services that are offered by the […]

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Server virtualization nested and tiered hypervisors

Server virtualization nested and tiered hypervisors A few years ago I did a piece (click here) about the then emerging trend of tiered hypervisors, particular using different products or technologies in the same environment. Tiered snow management tools and technologies Tiered hypervisors can be as simple as using different technologies such as VMware vSphere/ESXi, Microsoft […]

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Needed: a Six Sigma Datacenter

As usual there was a lot of discussion on cooling and energy efficiency at the yearly DatacenterDynamics conference in Amsterdam last week. Finding point solutions to be efficient and/or creating redundancy to circumvent possible technical risks. But is this the way to go to optimise a complex IT supply chain? In a lot of industries […]

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