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Can RAID extend the life of nand flash SSD?

Can RAID extend nand flash SSD life? Imho, the short answer is YES, under some circumstances. There is a myth and some FUD that RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) can shorten the life durability of nand flash SSD (Solid State Device) vs. HDD (Hard Disk Drives) due to extra IOP’s. The reality is that […]

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Datacenters need another perspective on security

As stated by Intel “Changing demands for bandwidth, processing power, energy efficiency and storage – brought on by such trends as cloud computing, big data, increased services and more mobile computing devices hitting the network – are driving the need for new architectures in the data center.” Therefore we see that the datacenter world is […]

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Datacenters: The Need For A Monitoring Framework

For a proper usage and collaboration between BMS, DCIM, CMDB, etc. the usage of an architectural framework is recommended. CONTEXT A datacenter is basically a value stack. A supply chain of stack elements where each element is a service component (People, Process and Technology that adds up to an  service). For each element in the […]

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