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Going dutch and other Spring 2012 StorageIO activities

Spring 2012 StorageIO traveling out and about events are underway with activities already having occurred in New York City along with several online live and recorded web casts that you can find here and here. Other upcoming events and traveling to various venues include Dallas (SNW), San Francisco, Washington DC, Nijkerk Netherlands and Las Vegas […]

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Has Cloud Put a Dent in the Data Storage Market?

While many would say it’s not a matter of “if” but “when,” this week has sparked some storage industry experts to ponder whether the high-margin data storage market is beginning to feel the impact of cloud adoption. To elaborate, let me direct your attention to two of this week’s announcements. First, results from the IDC […]

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Start of European Data Centre Association (EUDCA)

Although IT infrastructure delivers no direct business value, much of the business value is created in business processes that depend upon digital information processing and a solid and stable IT infrastructure. This IT infrastructure is mostly located in data centres and they are the back bone of the digital economy. Until recently there were in […]

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