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Supporting IT growth demand during economic uncertain times

Doing more with less, doing more with what you have or reducing cost have been the mantra for the past several years now.

Does that mean as a trend, they are being adopted as the new way of doing business, or simply a cycle or temporary situation?

Reality is that many if not most IT organizations are and will remain under pressure to stretch their budgets further for the immediate future. Over the past year or two some organizations saw increases in their budgets however also increased demand while others saw budgets fixed or reduced while having to support growth.

Read more to learn what can be done today and for the future.

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Data Centers, reducing energy usage by heating and distribution

In delivering computer process power and storage capacity there are apparently two opposite approaches, the cloud could be computing mega data center “bigger is better” and the local nano data center “small is beautiful”. the current “bigger is better” model of cloud computing leads, although shifted from customer to supplier, still to enormous capital expenditures, […]

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Amazon post mortem on Dublin DC outage reconfirms domino theory

As promised Amazon released a post mortem report  on the data center outage in Dublin. It reconfirmed the domino theory: if one availability zone come under the influence of errors and outages, then other availability zone would follow in a domino effect. Amazon stated, as mentioned in an earlier blog entry about the Dublin outage, that the […]

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VMware vSphere v5 and Storage DRS

Here is a link to a recent guest post that I was invited to do over at The virtualization Practice (TVP) pertaining to the recent VMware vSphere 5.0 announcement. A theme of the vSphere 5.0 launch is reducing complexity, enabling automation, and supporting scaling with confidence for cloud and virtual environments. As a key component […]

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